It doesn’t matter what kind of food you serve, purchasing quality restaurant equipment is vital for every restaurant. That being said, there are certain types of food that will require certain types of equipment. That’s why it’s important to think about your menu and base the equipment you need to purchase on what’s listed in the menu. After all, the food you plan to prepare and serve will let you know exactly what pieces you require in your kitchen. Let’s look at a few common examples.

Steak and Chicken
If you want to open a steakhouse or a restaurant that specializes in steak, chicken, fish and other meats, there are certain items that will be essential in your kitchen. You will want to have a mixture of appliances like a high-quality grill, convection oven, range, charbroiler, and broiler. You may even need multiples of these appliances depending on the cuts of meat, how they need to be prepared and the size of your restaurant. For example, a grill or charbroiler provides delicious grill marks, a broiler heats quickly without overcooking the middle of the meat, and a convection oven will allow you to cook the meat evenly.

Sandwich Shop
If you are planning to open a sandwich shop or deli, your restaurant equipment needs will be very different than that of a steakhouse. A refrigerated prep table, convection oven, grill, conveyor toaster, commercial-grade slicer and a commercial microwave are some common items you will want to have. The prep table will be essential for assembling your sandwich creations while some other cooking appliances will allow you to prepare hot or lightly toasted sandwiches with that perfect touch of melted cheese.

For restaurants that plan on serving a lot of soup, a large range is a must. It needs to accommodate several large pots at once. Or, you may opt for multiple stock pot ranges that will fit on a countertop. A steam kettle is another popular item for soup makers because it heats the soup from all sides, keeping it evenly cooked and fresh for longer periods of time.

Universal Equipment
Of course, every restaurant will have universal needs. We’re talking sinks, ice machines, beverage dispensers, refrigerators/freezers, furniture, utensils, glasses, dishes and so on. You can find all of the pieces – and so much more – at Toro Kitchen.

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