When buying equipment for your restaurant, you must consider a range of variables to ensure that you’re making the right choices for the unique culinary needs of your business. Measurement is one such variable that can possess multiple meanings for restaurateurs. Understanding these meanings is crucial when it comes to purchasing used equipment. To find out the importance of measurement to your restaurant, read on.


When considering the layout of your restaurant, ask yourself a few questions: How big is your kitchen? Where are the water and gas hookups? Where can you reasonably put the fume hoods? Careful assessment and measurement of the space will allow you to make strategic equipment purchases — purchases that not only allow room for your equipment, but also provide enough space for your employees and facilitate a productive workflow. Failure to be meticulous and exact when it comes to the layout of your kitchen will more than likely result in equipment you can’t use and the hassle of trying to return used items.

How Much Food and How Fast?

Measuring for your existing space is essential, but that’s only the beginning. What seating capacity does your restaurant have? At peak hours, how much food will your patrons order? Answering these questions will help you decide upon the size and capacity of the used restaurant equipment you buy. Creating fantastic workflow is wonderful for your kitchen staff, but if you supply that staff with lower capacity appliances than they need, all the workflow in the world won’t allow them to feed your patrons on time.

Quality Over Quantity

Measuring doesn’t only involve physical spaces; you also need to measure the quality of the used restaurant equipment you plan to buy. First and foremost, this means choosing brands with a proven reputation for quality and longevity. At Toro Kitchen, we offer nothing but the best brands at great prices. Stop by our store to learn more.

Purchase Within Budget

Finally, what good will any of the above measurements do you if you can’t afford the used restaurant equipment you want? You will have to measure your available funds against all the other variables: the kitchen space, the capacity, and the quality. Ultimately, your restaurant will have to thrive as best as it can within the real-world constraints of the money you have available. To make sure you stay on budget, consider buying used restaurant equipment at a place like Toro Kitchen. We sell high-quality used restaurant equipment at a fraction of what it would cost new.

For more tips on buying equipment that fits your measurements or to learn more about Toro Kitchen, contact us today! We look forward to seeing you in our store.