There’s no getting around the fact that equipment and furnishing costs for professional kitchens can be astronomical.

With such realities facing restaurant owners, it not only makes sense but also proves necessary to save money wherever possible, without cutting important corners. Purchasing used restaurant equipment offers one such opportunity. Read on to find out why relying on a used equipment store makes sense for your restaurant.

The Case for Used Equipment

While there are many compelling reasons to buy used, we’ll focus here on the top three:

  1. You save money: This one’s the most obvious of the bunch. Much like new cars, restaurant equipment begins losing monetary value the moment it leaves the store. This means that you can find top-shelf equipment in like-new or gently-used condition for hundreds of dollars less than the sticker price. Those savings add up quickly.
  2. High-quality means long-lasting: Sure, you can buy off-brand appliances and new equipment for less than the top-shelf stuff. You might even be able to find off-brand equipment at or below the prices of used high-quality items. However, the old maxim rarely proves false: you get what you pay for. Buying used allows you to have reliable, time-tested, and industry-leading equipment at a price you can afford. Buying off-brand is a gamble—who knows what quality you’ll get for your money or how many years this equipment will last. But when you buy quality, high-end used equipment at places like Toro Kitchen, you know you’re getting a great value at even better prices.
  3. Easy on the environment: Reduce, reuse, recycle. Purchasing used restaurant equipment allows you to do all three. And since you’re getting equal quality at a lower price, this is about as win-win and it can get.

Opening a new restaurant can be challenging and costly. When the opportunity arises to simplify the process and save money without sacrificing quality, we say: Why not?

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