When making purchases for your restaurant, it can be tempting to focus most of your efforts on the big-ticket kitchen items such as the décor, tables, chairs, etc. But, as they say, the devil is in the details, and you’ll find that selecting your smallwares is just as important for your guest’s overall dining experience.

Thankfully, doing so will not break your budget because high-quality, used smallwares can be found at affordable prices at Toro Kitchen. Here are a few smallwares you can purchase used that will add some flair to your restaurant.


As a general rule of thumb, restaurants should purchase one and a half times the maximum seating capacity of the establishment for wine and beer glasses. For shot glasses, tumblers, and snifters, you should make an educated guess regarding your clientele and their drinking preferences. Most restaurants can expect a higher volume of tumbler drinks than shots or snifter pours, but that can vary from restaurant to restaurant. Breakage tends to be high with barware, so plan ahead.


Distinguished from barware, glassware includes all glasses used for non-alcoholic beverages like soda and water. This glassware typically runs 16 ounces in size, and your restaurant will need up to three to four times your seating capacity if you plan to use the same glasses for all non-alcoholic beverages. If you opt for distinct glasses for water and soda, Toro Kitchen has a great selection to choose from. We recommend purchasing one and a half to two times seating capacity for each. Similar to barware, glassware tends to experience a lot of breakages, so plan ahead!


The number of place settings you purchase should be at least double your maximum seating capacity. Depending on the type of china you buy, order time to replace will vary. Because of this, you should keep an eye on breakage and order well ahead of time.


Often thrown away by accident or stolen, cutlery needs to be replaced quite frequently. At Toro Kitchen, you can find a variety of cutlery to fit the needs of your restaurant. To make sure your restaurant always has enough on hand, purchase two and a half to three times the maximum seating capacity.

Smallwares play a vital role in your restaurant’s dining experience. With careful shopping you can find used, quality brands that reflect well on your restaurant without breaking the bank.

To learn more about Toro Kitchen and our used smallwares selection, contact us today!