When opening a new restaurant, buying used equipment is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Who, after all, can argue with getting top-shelf equipment for a fraction of the cost? But once you’ve made the wise decision to buy used, how do you move forward? What does it take to become a smart, informed consumer in this market? Read on to find out our best tips for buying used restaurant equipment.

Access Your Restaurant’s Needs

Before purchasing equipment for your restaurant, conduct a careful assessment of your restaurant space, your projected goals and your style of cuisine. From there, make a realistic determination regarding what you truly need and separate that from what you can realistically go without. Only once you have taken a hard look at necessities versus wants will you be able to make sound decisions on purchasing used equipment. This will not only reduce the range of equipment you need to research but it will also free up your equipment budget for making higher quality purchases of those items your restaurant can’t go without.

Check to See if it Meets NSF and/or ETL Interlink Standards

At Toro Kitchen, all most of our equipment meets NSF and/or ETL Interlink standards. What does this mean? The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is made up of people who inspect equipment and ensure it meets the sanitary standards necessary for the food service industry. While purchasing used equipment is a great choice, its used status does bring up questions of sanitation. However, when you select an item bearing the NSF logo, you know that it has gone through comprehensive testing. The item will be food-safe and, importantly, will feature no defects that prevent proper ongoing sanitation.

Carefully Review Warranties

This might be obvious, but it is important nonetheless. Does the seller or manufacturer offer a warranty on the used item? If not, find out how long the item was in use before being sold, and then ask yourself if the asking price justifies the risk of purchasing equipment without a warranty. Service costs on restaurant equipment can add up quickly. If you’re not careful, you can waste whatever savings you’ve garnered in buying used equipment on trying to keep it up and running. But not to worry – at Toro Kitchen, we offer warranties on a variety of our equipment pieces. Contact us today to learn more about our warranties available.

Thoroughly Inspect Equipment Before Using It

Make sure you conduct your own thorough inspection of the equipment both in the store and when it arrives at your restaurant. While all of our equipment sold at Toro Kitchen is thoroughly inspected before selling it, it doesn’t hurt to double check for yourself. Do this before putting the item into official use. If you start using the items and discover defects later, it becomes difficult to prove those defects were there prior to the purchase.

It is our goal that with these tips, restaurant owners will have an easier time navigating and purchasing used restaurant equipment. At Toro Kitchen, we sell nothing but the best quality used and new restaurant equipment. To learn more about our equipment, contact us today.