At Toro Kitchen, we regularly purchase used restaurant equipment from restaurant owners. Whether it’s individual pieces you need to sell or a full liquidation, we have you covered. When selling your used restaurant equipment, it’s important to understand all your options so you feel comfortable knowing you made the right decision.

Below are seven tips for selling your used restaurant equipment:

  1. Keep Items Together
    If you have restaurant equipment that goes together—say, a matching custom counter with shelving—try to keep it together. Breaking items apart will ultimately decrease their value. If you sell one small piece, it can also make it more difficult to sell the other pieces individually.


  1. Time is Money
    The more time and effort you put into selling a piece of used restaurant equipment, the more you will likely get back in return. However, you have to weigh the time it may take to generate exposure and interest versus selling it quickly for a lower wholesale price. You have to find the right balance between selling time and the money you get back from it.


  1. Keep All Manuals and Warranty Information
    It can be tempting to throw away operating manuals, but don’t. New buyers will want to have manuals and any literature pertaining to active warranties.


  1. Treat Your Equipment Well
    Even if you don’t think you’ll ever need to sell your restaurant equipment, take care of it. It will last longer if it continues to be used in your restaurant and it will obviously increase resale value when it’s in the best shape possible.


  1. Sell Used Equipment to Upgrade
    Every once in a while, you will want to upgrade equipment, even if the old stuff is still in good working order. By selling that used restaurant equipment, you can put the proceeds toward buying better equipment for your restaurant.


  1. Clean Your Equipment
    Clean, well-taken-care-of restaurant equipment is always better than the alternative. Take the time to clean it before you sell it. If something looks good, buyers will be more interested and will be willing to spend more.


  1. Consider Selling in Bulk
    If you need to sell a lot of restaurant equipment quickly, your best option will be to sell everything at once to a buyer like Toro Kitchen. We can purchase it all at a fair price, handle the removal, and allow you to move on with minimal interference.

These are just a few tips to help you when selling your used restaurant equipment. For more information on selling or buying used restaurant equipment from Toro Kitchen, give us a call and let us make you an offer today!