Winco Proposition 65

Dear Valued Customers,

For any distributors who sell products into the state of California, you may be aware that the laws regarding Proposition 65 will be changing, as of August 30, 2018. The new amendments require additional warnings on the part of retailers and distributors, most significantly that a California consumer is provided with a warning prior to completing a sale online. We want to assure that all products that are supplied by Winco are either free from Proposition 65 chemicals, or appropriately labeled with Proposition 65 warnings. We are not requesting that you place any warnings on the products themselves, because we have completed that task. However, the law, specifically California Code of Regulations 27 CCR § 25600.2, requires us to instruct you to place a warning on your website in connection with internet sales.

Below, you will find the attached list of Winco products that require a Proposition 65 warning notification on your website, if there are sales transactions conducted through the site. Specifically, the attached products may result in an exposure to one or more listed chemicals. If you require any additional assistance with how the warning should be displayed to properly comply with the law, please reach out to Kathy Muniz at kmuniz@wincous.comfor additional information.

If you need further information on Proposition 65 and the chemicals that fall under it, please visit the following website gives a full explanation of what Proposition 65 is, and the chemicals that are included in it.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Winco Management Team